The People’s Party Podcast

Peoples Party Org Call Discussing AMLO, Anthony Kennedy Retirement & More

August 3, 2018

1)Michelle discusses the new MPP Welcome Packets we are requesting input for.
2)Lezlie discusses the MPP Ambassador Program and how you can implement it in your local area
3)Nick Brana discusses the ballot line progress in Colorado and takes questions
4)Nick discusses the MORENA Progressive Party in Mexico with the recent victory of Lopez Obrador (AMLO). This is the latest international example of how electoral politics can be changed by the people and the historic significance for us. This was a full scale political revolution that threw out the two establishment parties that have ruled Mexico for the last 100 years. This victory vindicates what we at MPP are trying to do. It took them 4 years and they started as a movement. This is an amazing parallel for what the Movement for a people's party is trying to do in U.S. politics. Join us and please share this podcast. To learn more about how we are working to reform politics in the US please visit us at

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