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Peoples Party - Famous Director Endorses MPP’s Labor Campaign for Independent Party & More

January 27, 2019

In this 24th podcast episode and first call of the new year Nick and the team told us about the teacher strikes and how labor has been reinvigorated from that. The Central MPP Florida team shared about their organizing work at a Ron Placone event and shared tips for new volunteers. Nick spoke about the latest endorsement of MPP's Labor Community Campaign for an Independent Party from famed Producer/Director and award winner Oliver Stone. Other additional new endorsements also came from the Labor Education and Arts Project in Ohio, and the South Carolina Labor Party. Many original members of the South Carolina Labor Party participated in the 1990's organizing for a major independent labor party and can lend us their skills and experience. Nick also spoke about current events regarding the 116th Congress convening and how their 2 Progressive wins, and swift act of endorsing Nancy Pelosi and most voting for PayGo shows us why MPP's labor party organizing work continues to be so important. 

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