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Peoples Party Movement Launches Action Network & New Website, 60k+ Members, Activist Actions, Alliances & More

August 20, 2019

Apologies for being away for one month. The month of June national call was actually suspended due to volunteer staff attendance at the Left Forum. We will post last week's episode from 8/15/2019 tomorrow on 8/21/19. 

This episode's call agenda includes:

  • Nick discusses MPP's attendance and events surrounding the 2019 Left Forum
  • Extinction Rebellion DC & SF - Nick
  • Surge - Elise tells us about Surge
  • Carolyn tells us about MPP tabling happenings at Ron Placone comedy shows
  • We go on to discuss MPP's support of the "Hands off Venezuela," "March for Peace," and the 100 year anniversary of Bank of North Dakota public bank - Sunday Monday day of action
  • MPP's Action Network launch to better help us organize & utilize grassroots funding (we don't do ActBlue)
  • MPP's new Website Launch and how it will help us spread our message of the need for a new party of, by, and for the "people," not just the 1%
  • We will also hear from Victor from our South Florida chapter talk about our support of local Extinction Rebellion activists that highlight the #ClimateEmergency. Upcoming events are announced.  

    • Climate Emergency
    • DC
    • SF
    • September *
  • Extinction Rebellion -

    • San Francisco 
    • Upcoming dates of action
    • Partners -- The Climate Mobilization, Earth Uprising, Endangered Species Coalition (today); Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps national partner and Bay Area partner --  protest July 2 in Palo Alto, upcoming protests
    • Event with Tim Canova

      • Testimony Tuesday

       Working towards a watershed break with the Democrats and Republicans 

    • 100th anniversary of public Bank of North Dakota on Sunday -- celebrating a century of public banking -- day of action on Monday. Especially in California AB 857 The Public Banking Act.
    • Youth Climate Summit
    • Unite For Peace and Nuclear Justice in Toriumi Plaza in Little Tokyo Los Angeles

      Please join us as we commemorate the victims of all nuclear atrocities of the past and present and unite to take action for a nuclear free future.

      Endorsed by:
      -  Veterans for Peace Los Angeles

      • MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles

    Action Network - everyone can create events now! 

    · Training video- Elise made them available on our organization platform Rocket Chat. If you would like to help us organize we’re going to have a *handraise* -- press 1 on your keypad now. You can also always go to our website and click on the volunteer tab.

    · And now we are going to have our vote … on the Global Animal Rights March. So I would like to open it up for discussion before our vote. If you have a question, please raise your hand and I will try to address.

    · Carolyn helped with the voting tally. If you think MPP should endorse the Global Animal Rights March press 1, if not, press 2, to abstain press 3. 



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