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Don’t Miss - MPP Peoples Convention Plans vs. DNC Brokered Convention Plans

February 29, 2020

2/27/20 Monthly National Organizing Call (Movement for a People's Party)

Issues discussed:

  • Peoples Convention planning
  • Confirmation that DNC is planning to steal nomination from Bernie Sanders
  • Chuck Todd verifies that all corporate candidates will pool delegates to overcome Bernie’s lead resulting in a...
  • Brokered DNC Convention
  • NY Times article  about interviews with 93 Super Delegates that all said they are united in stealing the nomination from Bernie
  • Warren’s new attack line against Bernie about the primaries
  • The Unity Reform Commission was a sham
  • Politico Article - DNC discussing bringing the Super Delegates back to 1st Ballot
  • Caucus shenanigans
  • Two billionaires running in Democratic Party to prove US Elections are auctions
  • We need to build a major new party that Americans are asking for

You won't want to miss this call! We discuss plans for creating an alternative convention in Milwaukee, a People’s Convention. As the primary election unfolds, the establishment will become more and more brazen in their attempts to cheat progressives and install another oligarch friendly nominee.

MPP members and allies can join #BernTheDNC in nonviolent civil disobedience and invite allied groups and individuals to attend a People’s Convention. It will take all of us to accomplish this, so once you volunteer at the link below we will ask everyone to please choose which working groups they would like to join. 

Milwaukee Working Groups

1. Action (civil disobedience) 

2. Finance 

3. Media 

4. Organizing (promotion and attendance) 

5. Political (inviting allies)

6. Programming (schedule of events) 

7. Social media 

8. Tech (website and app) 

9. Venues (people's convention logistics and housing) 

The Movement for a People’s Party is going to Milwaukee! Join us at the People’s Convention July 13 – 16th

While the Democrats break their own rules to nominate an establishment candidate at the DNC Convention, we’ll bring people from all walks of life together next door to launch America’s next major party, the People’s Party!

Join progressives and independent thinkers from across the country for events, workshops, breakout groups, speakers, social activities, celebrations, performances, and a momentous convention vote on forming a genuinely progressive party free of corporate money.

We’ve been building this movement since 2017. Now’s the time to scale up. MPP invites you to join us in Milwaukee July 13 – 16 as we build the future that works for the people and the planet. 

In Solidarity, the Movement for a People's Party Team of Super-Volunteers


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