The People’s Party Podcast

MPP discusses Joe Biden’s run for President, Julian Assange arrest, Superdelegates, The DCCC’s new ban, public banking and joining two new alliances

May 2, 2019

On this month’s call we discussed Joe Biden’s vacuous run for president and how the DNC has saved Americans the trouble of voting by pre-selecting him (how thoughtful of them!). Then shared how the Democrats have given themselves the power to reactivate the super-delegates and the chaos ensuing from the DCCC’s new ban on campaign contractors working with progressive challengers. We discussed Julian Assange’s arrest and how the Democrats are racing Trump for the privilege of criminalizing journalism (it is too great an honor for one plutocrat alone). MPP steering committee member and Public Banking Institute staffer Suzanne O’Keeffe gave us a special presentation on the great strides being made towards public banking.

We voted on whether to join two alliances that we've been invited to. The first is whether to join the Grand Alliance to Save the Postal Service, which the establishment parties are trying to privatize. The second is whether to join youth climate activists in the Last Chance Alliance, dedicated to halting all fossil fuel extraction in California, the world’s fifth largest economy, and replacing it with renewable energy.

Cheers to a People's Party!

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