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MPP Discusses Likelihood of an Upcoming Rigged Primary & Looming Economic Downturn Will Create an Incredible Mandate for Change

April 18, 2019
On this month's call we discussed the Democrats' latest attempt to defeat progressives: the new rules to deter challenges to incumbents. The DCCC announced recently that it will withhold contracts from any firm that works with candidates running against incumbent Democrats. This is the latest example that the Democratic party has not changed, the main goal is to keep out progressives. Another story mentioned was the newly released summary of the Mueller report that marked the complete collapse of the Russiagate narrative. The nearly three year Neo-McCarthyist campaign was a result of the Democratic party's failures and refusal to accept that voters want a new direction.
The likelihood of an upcoming rigged primary & looming economic downturn will create an incredible mandate for change. History shows that when the working class has been struggling and frustrated, shocks like these can shake people out of complacency and cause them to demand change. We must be ready for this and to provide an alternative. As we build up ahead of 2020 we need more volunteers in several areas including social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; field organizing: speaking to other groups and individuals about MPP, tabling, etc; and fundraising. Click here to volunteer!
Listen for more exciting updates on new organizing tools and events, as well as our question and answer portion of the call. To a people's party!

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