The People’s Party Podcast

MPP Joins Coalition Partners Move to Amend and Popular Resistance to Fight Illegal Wars & Corp-Personhood

September 30, 2019

Join our September National Call for all things #peoplesparty and to get active in the movement at! Today we will vote on whether to endorse #MovetoAmend’s We the People Amendment, a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood and get money out of politics. Move to Amend’s National Director, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, will join us to speak about the amendment. We will also vote on whether to endorse the Global Appeal for Peace, an organization demanding that the US respect international law and refrain from starting illegal wars. The Appeal is sponsored by #PopularResistance


Our vision is a coalition party that will deliver what regular people take for granted in so many other countries:📌single payer health care,📌free public college,📌money out of politics,📌an infrastructure jobs program,📌a $15 minimum wage,📌financial regulations, and more. 

We need actual representation in our government. A majority of people in the US don’t feel represented by either the Democratic or Republican parties. We’ve watched these parties turn their backs on us to answer every call of the billionaires and donors. Overwhelming numbers of Americans understand these parties cannot be salvaged. Polls show that almost two out of three Americans are now calling for a major new party.  It’s time to build the party we’re looking for — one that brings us all together.

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