The People’s Party Podcast

MPP on Julian Assange, the GOP’s Assault on Abortion Rights, the DNC’s new Finance Chair, and Voting on New Endorsements Including a Green New Deal

May 27, 2019

On this month’s call we discussed the espionage charges leveled against Julian Assange, the GOP's escalating assault on abortion rights, and the DNC’s appointment of an openly anti-Bernie lobbyist and Clinton bundler as Party Finance Chair.

We had guest speaker Emma Fiala, executive board member of the Women’s March on the Pentagon share plans for Rage Against the War Machine March. She took some questions then we voted to endorse their efforts. Our Political Director Carol Ehrle talked about a Green New Deal and our work with the surging youth climate rebellion. After some questions and discussion we voted to endorse a Green New Deal. Lastly, we voted to endorse the Zero Hour Youth Climate Summit in Miami this July.

Cheers to a people's party! 

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