The People’s Party Podcast

Nick Brana Discusses Democratic Party Progressive Losses in our 16th Episode

May 17, 2018

In this podcast episode recorded during the first few minutes of the state leader call Nick provides a wrap up of the devastating electoral defeats suffered by the #DemEnter #Progressives. The May 8th primaries in Ohio, W.VA, Indiana and N. Carolina provided some of the most definitive evidence yet that efforts to take over or reform the Democratic Party are failing miserably. Every candidate backed by Justice Democrats & Our Revolution for Congress, Senate or Governor lost in the 4 states that voted. Nearly all of the down-ballot candidates lost as well. The few that won were either incumbents, or running uncontested in deep-red districts. There is no way to sugarcoat these results & Democrats have barely tried to. The primary election demographics of older more conservative voters coupled with the DCCC & DNC suppressing progressive candidates makes it nearly impossible for them to be elected. In fact, the Dem Party has now shifted from denying that it rigs elections to openly admitting and defending it. Nancy Pelosi recently said that she did not see anything wrong with rigged elections. The Dem Party is normalizing election rigging in America. That's not the Russians doing that. The only way forward in our country is a major #NewParty that has structural mechanisms in place to prevent the kind of maneuvering that Democrats use to crush competitive primaries and steer resources to hand picked candidates long before the party publicly announces a preference. Each day that the progressive movement continues down a failed path is another day that working people are suffering.