The People’s Party Podcast

Tim Canova Endorsement and More - MPP 15th National Conference Call

April 30, 2018

In this call Tim Canova spoke about his independent bid for congress against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. MPP voted on whether to endorse his campaign or not. Tune in for the results.

Carol spoke about the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign and their upcoming march on Washington. A vote was held on whether to ensorse that campaign.

Lezlie spoke about a bid in Arizona to get dirty money out of politics there. MPP held a vote on whether to endorse that effort which requires the gathering of over 200,000+ signatures.

Randi spoke about the ongoing teachers strikes in Colorado and Arizona and how we can continue to support their efforts. Finally, Karena discussed a planned social media day of action where MPP volunteer artists and meme makers, and anyone so inclined would help the DNC come up with their new slogan. :)

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