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MPP Discusses Likelihood of an Upcoming Rigged Primary & Looming Economic Downturn Will Create an Incredible Mandate for Change

MPP Discusses Likelihood of an Upcoming Rigged Primary & Looming Economic Downturn Will Create an Incredible Mandate for Change

April 18, 2019
On this month's call we discussed the Democrats' latest attempt to defeat progressives: the new rules to deter challenges to incumbents. The DCCC announced recently that it will withhold contracts from any firm that works with candidates running against incumbent Democrats. This is the latest example that the Democratic party has not changed, the main goal is to keep out progressives. Another story mentioned was the newly released summary of the Mueller report that marked the complete collapse of the Russiagate narrative. The nearly three year Neo-McCarthyist campaign was a result of the Democratic party's failures and refusal to accept that voters want a new direction.
The likelihood of an upcoming rigged primary & looming economic downturn will create an incredible mandate for change. History shows that when the working class has been struggling and frustrated, shocks like these can shake people out of complacency and cause them to demand change. We must be ready for this and to provide an alternative. As we build up ahead of 2020 we need more volunteers in several areas including social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; field organizing: speaking to other groups and individuals about MPP, tabling, etc; and fundraising. Click here to volunteer!
Listen for more exciting updates on new organizing tools and events, as well as our question and answer portion of the call. To a people's party!
MPP Team Discusses Bernie 2020, Hands Off Venezuela March, No To Nato Protest and more

MPP Team Discusses Bernie 2020, Hands Off Venezuela March, No To Nato Protest and more

March 4, 2019

In this episode and national organizing call Nick Braña and the National Organizing Team  share the great results of a meeting with top labor endorsers from across the country earlier this week in Washington, D.C. They also announced the new members of the coalition for a major new party. 

Next Nick and the Team discussed Bernie's presidential campaign, the teachers strikes in several cities, MPP's organizing plans through 2020, and introduced three votes:

1. Endorsing the Hands Off Venezuela March, sponsored by the Answer Coalition and taking place nationwide on March 16, 2019. 

2. Endorsing the No to NATO Protest & Peace Festival, sponsored by World Beyond War and taking place in Washington D.C. on April 3-4, 2019.

3. Becoming an official Allied Organization with the California Progressive Alliance.

Each vote was discussed and then attendees voted on whether to support and join them. Finally Nick took questions and closed out the call with the usual cheer to a people's party! If you would like to sign on to support the Labor Community Campaign for an Independent Party you can do so at If you would like to volunteer for MPP please go to To donate visit   

Peoples Party - Famous Director Endorses MPP’s Labor Campaign for Independent Party & More

Peoples Party - Famous Director Endorses MPP’s Labor Campaign for Independent Party & More

January 27, 2019

In this 24th podcast episode and first call of the new year Nick and the team told us about the teacher strikes and how labor has been reinvigorated from that. The Central MPP Florida team shared about their organizing work at a Ron Placone event and shared tips for new volunteers. Nick spoke about the latest endorsement of MPP's Labor Community Campaign for an Independent Party from famed Producer/Director and award winner Oliver Stone. Other additional new endorsements also came from the Labor Education and Arts Project in Ohio, and the South Carolina Labor Party. Many original members of the South Carolina Labor Party participated in the 1990's organizing for a major independent labor party and can lend us their skills and experience. Nick also spoke about current events regarding the 116th Congress convening and how their 2 Progressive wins, and swift act of endorsing Nancy Pelosi and most voting for PayGo shows us why MPP's labor party organizing work continues to be so important. 

In solidarity,

Movement for a Peoples Party

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Peoples Party Episode - Post Midterm Call and 2018 Review - Labor Party Accomplishments

Peoples Party Episode - Post Midterm Call and 2018 Review - Labor Party Accomplishments

December 23, 2018

In this call/episode we discuss upcoming Ron Placone events, tabling plans, MPP's monthly organizing update, SoFla yellow vest organizing events, and more. Call Attendees vote to decide if we should work with Power Shift. We congratulate and welcome new state leaders, including  Laura Irwin for joining the Steering Committee. Nick goes over a review of 2018 events, actions, and accomplishments. Nick mentions his interview series with Jordan Chariton about LCCIP the labor coalition building for a new labor-based party. 

Message From MPP Political Director Carol Ehrle

We devote everything to the movement rather than taking salaries, but we still have monthly expenses. In one way or another, they’re all related to the ways that we get our message out: Maestro for national calls, Action Network for organizing, MailChimp for emails, ZenDesk to take your questions, plus web hosting and maintenance, conferences, printing and supplies.

Looking back, we're proud of what we've accomplished with you this year. Our Labor-Community Campaign won the support of unions representing tens of thousands, along with AFL-CIO executive council members and state presidents. We led civil disobedience actions as national partners with the Poor People’s Campaign. We rallied for climate justice with Zero Hour and for peace with the Women’s March on the Pentagon. We boycotted Driscoll’s berries with farm workers and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with striking teachers and hotel employees. We brought our message to Left Forum and Labor Notes. We helped institute Ranked Choice Voting in Maine and propel the public banking movement.

We helped Gayle McLaughlin lay the groundwork for the California Progressive Alliance and stood against injustice and fraud with Tim Canova. We established ourselves as a leading voice in understanding the duopoly — a voice that is both supported and sought for analysis by revolutionaries like Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, Abby Martin, Jimmy Dore, and Lee Camp among so many others. Through it all, we’ve built the bonds of partnership, trust and respect that will be the foundation of a people’s party.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in our first year and even more excited about what lies ahead. In the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, we ask you to include MPP in your #GivingTuesday (or end of year) donations.

With heartfelt gratitude and in solidarity for the work that lies ahead,

Carol Ehrle
Political Director
Movement for a People’s Party

Peoples Party Episode - Wakeup Call for Progressives After 2018 Midterms

Peoples Party Episode - Wakeup Call for Progressives After 2018 Midterms

November 19, 2018

As Blue Wave Sweeps in More Corporate Democrats, Election is a Serious Wake Up Call for Progressives

Since 2016, energized progressives have sought to break the cycle that has seen power swing between establishment politicians in the Democratic and Republican parties for decades. After disappointing results in New Jersey and Virginia in 2017, the 2018 midterms offered another test of the progressive movement’s chief strategy for coming to power: taking over the Democratic Party. The results are a serious wake up call.

The four leading progressive organizations that emerged from Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign endorsed Democratic candidates across 46 states. Nearly all of the candidates for Congress, governor, lieutenant governor, and Senate lost.

Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress and the Democratic Socialists of America endorsed a combined 107 candidates for Congress this year. Forty-four of them won their primaries and only 12 won their general elections. Five of those 12 were already incumbents. Five more of them were longtime party politicians in line for higher office, rather than insurgent candidates. Only two of them were actually opposed by the party and unseated establishment Democrats in the primaries — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley. There are 435 members of Congress.

People’s Party Episode - Discussing 2018 Midterms & Tim Canova Race

People’s Party Episode - Discussing 2018 Midterms & Tim Canova Race

November 14, 2018

The song at the beginning is the song that Ron Placone wrote for MPP.  It plays while people are waiting for the call. We thought you might like to hear it, as well.

On the call we talked about the failure of the Democrats, the regression of Brazil, and the progress of MPP, including the latest from Tim Canova’s campaign and our labor coalition.  Our members who attended the Women’s March On The Pentagon tell us about their exciting weekend with peace activists. And, in questions, a great discussion on the upcoming election and options for independents. *UPDATE* As we now know Tim Canova was once again cheated by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her corrupt machine in South Florida. He has been calling out Broward and Florida officials on Twitter daily at

Join us at or help us keep growing to bring down the Duopoly in the next 2-4 years at 

People’s Party Episode w/Cindy Sheehan on Womens March | Al Rojas on Driscoll Farm Worker Boycott-Strikes | Tim Canova Campaign | Kavanaugh SCOTUS Drama

People’s Party Episode w/Cindy Sheehan on Womens March | Al Rojas on Driscoll Farm Worker Boycott-Strikes | Tim Canova Campaign | Kavanaugh SCOTUS Drama

September 28, 2018

Tune in to hear the latest from MPP with special guests Al Rojas and Cindy Sheehan. This month we discussed our groundbreaking Labor Community Campaign for an Independent Party, labor's greatest break with the Democratic Party in years. We had Al Rojas, co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America with Cesar Chavez, to tell us about the international Driscoll's Boycott day of action this Saturday September 29, 2018. The Driscoll's corporation produces berries and pays its mostly-Latino workers slave wages, employs child labor, forces people to work 12-hour days, and sprays workers with toxic pesticides. He'll also talk about the Sacramento labor-community alliance. Cindy Sheehan will join us to talk about the Women's March on the Pentagon on October 20-21. We'll also talk about each of our organizing programs, Tim Canova's campaign, and how to get involved. To a people's party!

*Hope you enjoyed our new intro/outro song courtesy of Ron Placone "Time for a Revolution" because it certainly is time!

#PeoplesParty Nat’l Organizing with Tim Canova | Alan Benjamin Labor Alliance | Gayle McLaughlin

#PeoplesParty Nat’l Organizing with Tim Canova | Alan Benjamin Labor Alliance | Gayle McLaughlin

August 30, 2018

This episode features Tim Canova discussing what he is doing in South Florida to unseat the infamous Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Congressional District 23. We discuss the postcard campaign to reach voters in Tim's district to fight back against the ongoing media blackout. Alan Benjamin joins the call to disccus MPP labor party advocacy efforts and alliances forming in California and around the country and how you can get involved. Nick discusses how MPP is assisting Gayle McLaughlin with her California Progressive Alliance events in August. Nick also discusses how the Democratic Party was caught passing a secret rule by only 30 members of the Rules & By-Laws Committee to back-pedal and accept fossil fuel money. Tim takes a few questions and Nick also takes calls and answers questions as usual.

If you're interested in helping Tim tip the scales in defeating the Duopoly and breaking the electoral firewall, give what you can at or join in on the phone banking into Debbie Wasserman Schultz' district. If you can donate to the Movement for a People's Party to help us keep working for a better future for all of us go to or follow what we are doing at

Peoples Party Org Call Discussing AMLO, Anthony Kennedy Retirement & More

Peoples Party Org Call Discussing AMLO, Anthony Kennedy Retirement & More

August 3, 2018

1)Michelle discusses the new MPP Welcome Packets we are requesting input for.
2)Lezlie discusses the MPP Ambassador Program and how you can implement it in your local area
3)Nick Brana discusses the ballot line progress in Colorado and takes questions
4)Nick discusses the MORENA Progressive Party in Mexico with the recent victory of Lopez Obrador (AMLO). This is the latest international example of how electoral politics can be changed by the people and the historic significance for us. This was a full scale political revolution that threw out the two establishment parties that have ruled Mexico for the last 100 years. This victory vindicates what we at MPP are trying to do. It took them 4 years and they started as a movement. This is an amazing parallel for what the Movement for a people's party is trying to do in U.S. politics. Join us and please share this podcast. To learn more about how we are working to reform politics in the US please visit us at

Peoples Party Discusses Ocasio-Cortez Victory - PPC - Zero Hour Youth Alliance & More

Peoples Party Discusses Ocasio-Cortez Victory - PPC - Zero Hour Youth Alliance & More

July 3, 2018

(18th podcast episode) MPP members resoundingly approved on our June 28 national call to partner with two organizations who are planning marches and actions in Washington, D.C.

First up is the Zero Hour Youth Climate Lobby Day and March July 19-21. This effort is being spearheaded by 16-year-old Jamie Margolin of Seattle along with a team of other high school and college students. Nick Brana will interview Jamie on MPP TV July 10 at 7 p.m. where it will be livestreamed from our MPP FB page.

Youth will begin taking over Capitol Hill at the July 19 Lobby Day to deliver to our politicians specific demands about saving our climate that are being developed in consultation with leading scientists. The next day, July 20, will be Art Build Day around the D.C. metro area in preparation for the march.

The main event will be the Youth Climate March July 21 at 10:30 a.m. on the National Mall where young people on the frontlines of the climate crisis will give speeches and lead song as a statement of their rights to a safe and livable future. People of all ages will rally and walk up Constitution Ave. as a demonstration of youth power and show how #ThisIsZeroHour will be leading the way on environmental action.

Sister marches are being planned the same day at major cities in the U.S., Canada and abroad. It’s not too late to plan a companion march if you are age 25 or younger or if you are an adult who would like to partner with a millennial or Generation Z youth. Go here to register your march, find one on the map, and to sign up for the days of action.

MPPers on the call also voted to partner with the Women’s March on the Pentagon Oct. 20-21. Details on times, locations and speakers will be released soon about the D.C. event, while organizers are looking for people to plan sister marches across the country.

The event is an attempt to pressure members of Congress to redistribute the trillions of dollars spent on the military budget toward social programs, stop the continuing acts of military aggression and put an anti-war agenda back on the table of activists.

The march will commemorate the 51st anniversary of the 1967 anti-war event in Washington D.C. and subsequent march on the Pentagon that drew 50,000 people. The march is led by long-time anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed by enemy fire in the Iraq War.

MPP supporters are taking a more visible role in what the Poor People’s Campaign calls a moral revival. From the recent PPC Forty Days of Action to the Families Belong Together rallies over the weekend to the Free Our Future rally yesterday in San Diego, MPPers were out in force making their voices heard.

These demonstrations show how permitted marches, such as those supporting women’s rights and school safety, have given way to acts of civil disobedience. President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, congressional cutbacks on programs for the poor, Supreme Court decisions on voter and labor rights, the war budget, health care increases, skyrocketing tuition, attacks on black lives, have all emboldened protesters nationwide.

We lock arms with you and ask you to fight for a new major people’s party so that these and so many other violent measures can be overturned and stopped.

Help support MPP and its drive to build a viable independent alternative by becoming an MPP ambassador. Find a local organization that advocates for the dispossessed, the oppressed, and the issues on our platform. Support labor by joining with other progressive organizations in strike actions. Show up consistently and represent MPP.

Have ideas or need help identifying a group with whom to partner? Drop our national field team a line at More information to come!

As we observe our Independence Day, here is a reminder from the Cap Times in Wisconsin that on a distant fourth of July a radical vision was also taking shape led by then former Congressman Robert M. La Follette who launched a progressive crusade against the corrupting influence of corporate money. Speaking in Mineral Point in 1897, he addressed the subject of "The Danger Threatening Representative Government.”

“Let us here, today, under this flag we all love, hallowed by the memory of all that has been sacrificed for it and for us, dedicate ourselves to winning back the independence of this country, to emancipating this generation and throwing off from the neck of the freemen of America the yoke of the political machine.”

After his movement launch, La Follette went on to become the progressive governor of Wisconsin, a U.S. senator from that state, and a transformational presidential candidate in 1924.

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